Apostasy /əˈpɒstəsi/

FS01:001 Perseus Arm

I bare my flesh to Father Sky 
and breathe deeply of his cold 

The time has come to leave the womb 
and cast off the chains of gods of old 

Burning embers in the night 
reveal all to those with will to see 

Beacons in the blackness 
to guide our path across an endless sea

FS01:002 Colossi

A desolate throne 
With vampyric greed 
I suck all the marrow from bone 

of all that I see 
I crush with great cruelty 
those who would stand against me 

Crush with great cruelty those who would stand against me 

The cities run red with the blood of the billions 
the tempest howls it’s bitter chill 
Heavy hangs the head that bears it’s swollen crown 
but the collar is heavier still 
Gilded plastic cages with ceilings of glass 
frame all-encompassing lie 
The nectar is gone and all recourse is lost 
now we must fight or we die 

As death rains from the sky 
Steel wings borne of hatred 
Black hearts fuelled by fire 

Black painted spectres of fury and fire 
consume the black blood of the Earth 
Skeletal hand of the feeble of conscience 
ensure that their screams go unheard 
The mold has been set, cast the pieces in motion 
Now crawl neath the yoke of our greed 
The faceless have thrived on our sweat and our torment 
enslaved to our ignorant creed 

As death rains from the sky 
Steel wings borne of hatred 
Black hearts fuelled by fire 

An epoch cast in stone 
Break the bonds of our serfdom 
Seed the land with their bones 
Tear our kings from their thrones! 

Shatter the shadow of Crassus! 
Bring the Colossi down! 
Chew off the chains of the plutocrat! 
We make the future our own!

FS01:003 Island 3

Thunder of their engines roaring, clouds of fireflies are taking flight 

Rising from a black abyss an island made of steel and of light 

Scriptures of the physicist illuminate dark corners of our minds 

New horizons lie beyond the graveyard of the ancient satellites

Apoptosis /apə(p)ˈtəʊsɪs/

FS02:004 Retrograde

Hatred is in my DNA 
How can I resist? 

Violence swells beneath the surface 
An undertow that drags me down 
The skulls of millions lie at the bottom 
Among my scattered bones 

How can this be who I am? 
How can this be who we are? 

Staggering chance 
Beauty beyond comprehension 
Life slipped through my fingertips 
While my hands were around your throat

FS02:005 Entropy

Smothering tide 
Crushing the world under foot 
Delusion, denial and hate 
Evolutionary drive? 
This fear is what we have chosen 

Psychotic - Tapestry 
Systemic - Entropy 
Indifferent - Cruelty 
Fractured - Reality 

Fearful - Symmetry 
Scorched Earth - Philosophy 
Phantom - Entity 
Heavenly - Enemy 

Sepsis of the mind 
A seething cancer of the soul 
Your shepherd will lead you astray 
At the summit we lie 
Black clouds are gathering, ushering us to our end 

I lie asleep 
Among dead leaves 
Choking on 
The air I breathe 
I watch them go 
About their lives 
What comes, they know 
As well as I 

There will be 
No Paradise 

Apobiosis /ap′ō-bī-ō′sis/

FS03:006 Interlude: Krakenmare


FS03:007 Ryu-Un Maru

We sailed upon 
Onyx skies 
To cast our gaze upon the face of God 
But what I saw 
Was nothingness 
The void between the stars 

Black haze eclipse my mind 
Ghosts shriek beneath my skin 
Their heartbeats deafening 
Release them from their sin 

The end is nigh, the gods have lied 
I killed them all 
The fault is mine, I led the blind 
I killed us all 

Tear down the sky 
Shatter the moon 
My guiding light 
Has spelled our doom 
My guiding light has spelled our… 

Cold corridors echo 
Frost creeps like cancer 
Eternal silence a deafening roar 
Unrest in our endless sleep 

War lurched behind us 
Our blood in the water 
A wolf that would swallow the dawn 
A blanket of ashes to cover our bones 
Our celestial tomb sails on 

The children of Gaia awaiting the dawn 
Eternally frozen in time 
Dust turns to dust as she silently rusts from inside 
Divine suicide 

Across the face of the night we will drift 
as the embers wane sickly and die 
Phantoms and ghosts of our struggles and hopes 
now as one laid to rest in the sky

FS03:008 No Way Out

The shattered skyline 
Leering down 
Over acid sea 
Volcanic plumes blot out the sun 
Blot out the sun 

It stares at me 
Crushing my chest 
A lifeless, obverse reflection 
Of myself 
Our mother’s womb 
A nuclear tomb 
In silent judgement 
All our kind will die 

Shell-shocked neurons, flash of light 
Burning daggers pierce my sight 
Firmament from earth unbound 
A burial ground 

Plague and plunder, death of all 
Starvation of the soul 
Blood and fire, storm and drought 
No way out 

With cracking hands 
Held to the sky 
Drowning in 
Desperate cries 
Gaze high with sunken eyes 
He arrives 

You will pray for death before the end comes

apocatastasis /æpoʊkəˈtæstəsɪs/

FS04:009 PSR J0835-4510


FS04:010 Solar Landslide

When the mirror is gone 
When the reflection fades 
What remains of ourselves 
But the blackness of space? 
Our time has run out 
Meet our own deserved fate 

A scream won’t be heard 
with no one to hear 
The falling of trees 
will fall on deaf ears 
Beacon in the dark 
Extinguishes us 

Atlas has grown tired 
his burden too great 
Crushed by the fall 
of Hyperion’s weight 
Our time has run out 
Meet our own deserved fate 

King of the darkness rising from the blackness of the silent void 
Tear the mantle from giver of life 
Oh, monster, tyrant, object devoid of a soul 

Turn the day 
into night 
Break the seasons... 

Every liar 
and every thief 
all of our hatred 
and selfish conceit 
and all of the hopes 
we held in the sky 
are gone in the blink of an eye

FS04:011 Apogee

The spire of Mons Elysium towers in the sky 
A star flickers and fades among the dying of the light 
The cycles rendered motionless and scattered by the wind 
This life must reach its end before another can begin 

We leave this place incognizant, no memory to enshrine 
The time will come again that the constants realign 
Space and time are meaningless where consciousness has died 
The death of Mother Earth begets the death of Father Sky